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"Where love reigns, there is no desire of power; and where the power prevails, there is love lack. One is the shadow of the other." (Carl Gustav Jung). To win and to have success in relationships it´s necessary to seek balance with the partner.

The Arian Man and his characteristics - Sign of Aries

To conquer your man definitively, it is necessary some physical harmony, besides the complemental mental and emotional harmony, what is extensive to all the couples. However, it is more valid here. Because his adventurous temperament, the infidelity is a constant, although their "adventures" are temporary.

characteristics of arian manThe arian man, his characteristics, kiss and manias. Great lover of the truth, but with an unstable character, needs a tender and understanding woman, although he is not like this. Extremely rebellious to receive orders, more often he wants to give them. This kind of behavior can affect the marriage (his rebelliousness is so intense!).

Aries is dreamer and romantic; when in love arian can overflow in passionate feelings, and the jealous attitude is immoderate. Because the Martian fire, it is intense and pertinaz (once lit Eros' fire); however, as fire in dry straw, the passion ends so fast without leaving a trace.

Arian’s partner cannot be strong like him, because this situation would create great conflicts, as in the case of the authoritarian Leo (Lion).

Arian has a very developed sense of protection to his/her partner and it is displeased to him/her not accomplish such task

Although it seems incredible, an arian can succumb before somebody stronger than him, and it will be a lasting love.

How Aries kisses?

The Aryan kisses with the whole body. He pulses, he surrenders... and at the same time he dominates.He/she travels the mouth wanted with fire and passion. He/she has no concern for superficial kisses, because he/she likes to feel the emotion and the intense energy on that special moment.

The arian’s dreams

With a surprising physical capacity, he/she is always seeking the leadership. He/she doesn't fall apart when experiences the difficulties in life and faces the problems with energy. However, he/she has precipitate attitudes, impulsive and too aggressive. The more characteristic dreams involve hunts or games. He/she also dreams of loving adventures, where he/she frees his/her aggressiveness and emotions.

The behavior

First sign of the Zodiac, Aries symbolizes the beginning of everything. It is the sign of the beginnings, that projects in the present time, with his/her enormous life pulsation, the idea or the desire. Aries symbolizes the moment of the birth and the fight for the life. It is fighting that something is conquered and Aries likes a good fight, in that can concentrate all his/her faith and his/her mind.

The force of the instinct, that makes way among the difficulties is just moved by the will of imposing his/herself. Before consideration, Aries gives of shoulders: the one that imports is the enthusiasm of the combat for something that needs happen. Then, the rashness, the impatience, the statement of an independent desire, that doesn't obey rules and the refusal to the classification.

In spite of the extrovertion and the precipitate action, Aries is a pioneer, a visionary that respects what he/she feels. In some field of the life, Aries must project, impose in the life the fire that inspires his/her life, and to feel that he/she is alive, it is capable to row against all the streams.

Because that this is a sign that few times bend to the strange wills, and doesn’t adapt to the considerations - that he/she can show it in the firmness of convictions and in the independence of behavior. The lie bewilders him/her and the hypocrisy confuses him/her. An objective for which to struggle gives hope and vitality to this resolved being that longs for the ecstasy in all of the fields of the life.

Aries rules the head and the brain. In this, a center of energy (chakra = circle or center) related with Aries exists. That is the power that comes from the certainty that he/she is somebody, that the person exists in the world. It is common to find an Aries fighting for years with headache attacks, almost always motivated by the frustration of a desire, or because he/she had to force to walk in the other people's rhythm - it is in the work or in another field. The high fevers, the sharp diseases - everything that demands fast intervention and it warms up is ruled by Aries.

How man of Aries gets dressed

Signs of Fire: Aries, Lion, Sagittarius

The fire signs like to get attention. The women mainly, but the men also - you will see a lot of man of Lion with printed shirt, of strong colors! In general those signs are well with more vibrant colors, the colors of the fire - orange, red, yellow - and also the mixtures of those colors. They are capable to dare to mix dark blue with yellow, combinations of the colors that represent Sun brightness.

Fire signs are basically sport style. the wife of Aries feels good with sneakers, joggings, shirts, gymnastics clothes, jackets, molletons, pants fuseau or leggings and jeans, a lot of jeans. Nothing that demands a lot of production and care! They are impatient women - they are not them that choose the clothes, the clothes is that chooses them!. She is totally in with low shoes, canvas shoes, moccasins, boots, perfect for her accelerated step, her agitated temperament.

The hair will always be short, easy to wash. Leave house of wet head, without sophistication, without fussy. Wide overalls, masculine shirts, blazers type jacket, make her style. He/she adores the colors that remind the fire. The red and orange are their favorite ones. When they dye the hair prefer the tones acobreados or the natural henna, that reddens lightly.

In general they are pioneering. Among the Aryans they are the first followers of the unisex fashion, of the sporting clothes, of the "No to the bra". All this today is in the fashion. In the reality, they didn't do more than to accompany the changes of the woman's behavior.

The Sign of Aries and the Love

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  • The dreams
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