The predominants characteristics, personality and mystical sense of the people born under the sign of Aries


The native of Aries has an extremely strong and tenacious persoanlity, with great capacity of intellectual creation by means of perspicacity and intuition. "The difference between success and lack of success is inside of us. It is in the way like us think, in the way like us act" (Luis Felipe Ozorio)

Sign of Aries - Personality, inspirations, mystical sense and horoscope

Do you know that the personality and a person's predominant characteristics are closely related to the astrological influence? It is true, the stars determine several individual characteristics besides the external factors like the environment, culture and society, etc. Know a little more about Aries.

Personality: it is represented by an anvil, symbol of the tenacity, strong will, progress and creation skills. The mission of Arians in life is “to start”. So, to accomplish this mission they inherit the following predominant characteristics from birth:

Predominant characteristics: enterprising character; vigilant mind; enthusiasm; ambitious and loyal temperament; attractive emotion; generosity and determination; practical sense; capacity to command; intrepid and defiant disposition; fast and persistent pulse; eloquence, sincere and burning affections, disposition to give hope and disposition for the fight; irrational and violent passions; creativity.

Mystic sense: it´s expressed as splendorous visions that appear among brilliant fires like an armor of gold.

Inspirations: the conscience receives the best inspirations when it is totally absent-minded. As a rule, those inspirations are transferred of the reasoning to the field of action, and they are expressed in form of projects related with money or amusement.

Presage: They can foresee with precision when the subjects are money and tragic accidents that can happen in the water.

Biblical horoscope: Genesis 49:19. Complement: Deuteronomy 33:20

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Sign of Aries


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