Tuesday is the strong day for sign of Aries, day to take care of the health and to receive the forces from the regent Mars


The Arian has a strong health, because it is ruled by Mars, God of the War and of the Force, which the Arian receives to start new things in the world. "The best way to foresee the future is to create it." (Peter Drucker). You are the Owner of your Destiny. Believe in your potential to win and to overcome all of the barriers.

Favorable day for the Sign of Aries, cares with the health and planet regent of Aries

Favorable day of the week: Tuesday. Day to do all that you want because the whole Cosmos are conspiring to your favor with forces and energies abundantly.

Stone from birth: diamond.

Color: red intense.

Favorite flower and favorable perfume: Wild Daisy.

Regent planet: Mars, the God of the War and divine messenger of the vital energy.

The health: of strong constitution and with great reservations of energy, the excessive ardor that these Arians deposit in their desires and enterprises it is the cause of delay and setbacks, that sometimes make them impatient, irritating their nervous system, bringing mental exhaustion and favoring the premature exhaustion, which can causes gastric upset, diseases of the stomach, sharp pains in different parts of the head, such as jaws, ear, eyes, forehead and skull. Diseases of the stomach, kidneys, liver, biles are the more often in Arian people.

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Sign of Aries


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