Astrology reveals the main defects of the people born under the sign of Aries


Aggressiveness, individualism a pinch of radicalism.Those are just some defects that mark the personality of the native of the sign of Aries. "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing the enthusiasm." (Winston Churchill)

Mains defects of people born under the Sign of Aries

Definitively nobody is perfect, everyone has defects and according to each person's sign these negative characteristics become still more evident. Then, see the defects of your sign and insist in overcome them.

The main arian defects that they should be eliminated are:

  • Aggressiveness, strong desire to always be ahead, desire to
  • always be the HEAD;
  • individualism, not follow anybody;
  • turbulence;
  • radicalism;
  • imprudent sense;
  • waste;
  • impulsive actions;
  • depreciation of the danger;
  • lack of touch to deal with things;
  • intense satisfaction by acting according to their defects.

The Arians should invoke SAMAEL, the regent angel , ruler of Mars, imagine themselves in a red coloration, and ask to this angel make them free of their defects.

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