To create a healthy condition in their lives, to diet with balance, everything that arian needs to know to take care of his or her health


How many times did you begin a dietary to lose those excessives pounds? Carboidrats dietary, liquids dietary, soups dietary, etc... if we will enumerate all this cases... How about a little help by astrology?

The best diet for tpeople of the áries sign lose weight with health

"Make the best you can, aim at in the objective and leave the life happen." (Lady Lúcia). For the Arian excess weight will rarely be a problem , however it is important to know the foods that they should be ingested more frequently, to supply the lacks of his/her organism. Aries governs the head, including the vision, audition and palate.

In the feeding, Aries rules most of the spices: garlic, onion, ginger, paprika, pepper, curry and mustard, the Arians prefer eat very temperate foods to supply their needs. It´s to keep the firely nature always lit. Important also to drink a lot of water, since Aries governs the hydrogen, while Libra - opposed sign and complemental - governs the oxygen. The carotene vitamin, besides benefitting the skin, is important to maintain the good vision of the Arians. Their main sources are: milk, butter, vegetables of green leaves and yellow pulp fruits.

Be careful! Always consult the doctor before taking any decision about health issues.

Medicinal Plant

Aries is the sign that governs the head and the skull or the face, and the plant more recommended is gentian (Gentiana lutea) that has an antipyretic property, depurativa and it combats skeleton diseases. For the use of the gentian is recommended to make an infusion of their roots.

Be careful, before beginning any dietary you must consult a specialized doctor in the nutrition area, he is a specialist and he can indicate the best option for you lose or twin weight, in agreement with the needs of your physical body. All contents on health area of our website intend clarify and in any moment intend to guide to determine diet or feeding, remember, only a specialist doctor can indicate the best treatment.

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