What is the best architecture fotr the arian people, what is the best route for travilling on vacation, the best and more adventurous places


With a knowledge almost intuitive about architecture and constructions, the native of the Aries sign knows how to choose the house where will live with his/her family very well. About vacations may be full of adventures and a lot of adrenaline. The life contracts and expands proportionally to the individual's courage. (Anaís Nim)

The ideal house and the favourite vacation for the sign of Aries, good taste for architecture and a lot of adventure in vacations

Decoration of ambients and taste for architectural styles as well as the place where to pass the vacations are very peculiar of each person, many people only find the happiness in the home or peace in the vacations when they do what they really like. The astrology can explain their tastes and preferences for houses and places.

The Home

The restless Arians like sports and they need action. They are easily found in the leisure areas, muscular activity rooms or aesthetics activities and they can have some apparels for that purpose in their houses. But they also like the garage and the workshop, because they appreciate to handle with tools and cut instruments. When they are at the kitchen, it is exactly in reason of the heat of the stove and of the knives, that attract them, and not so much because they like to cook.

They always need spacious places. Hot colors or the predominance of strong colors contrasting with sober colors brings harmony for their life. Red, orange and yellow are colors that always fit so well. A good illumination is fundamental, because besides to value the decoration and to leave the clearest atmosphere, it can a lot of times, to increase an exuberant touch. Floral arrangements provide the happiness that is so necessary to them. The room should have few objects.

The vacations

Aries, a fire sign, loves sunny places where the adventure begins in breakfast. Impassioned by nautical sports - aquatic ski, morey bogie, wind surf, fishes underwater, the Arian needs space to exercise those activities. He/she should avoid collective vacations. He/she hates to waste his/her time of beach deciding what the group should do together.

The rhythm of the vacations should be accelerated to spend all his/her physical energy. Long walks, escalades in mountains, they can be part of their favorite programs. Camping doesn't also scare him - everything outdoors, with a lot of space to move. Arian is attracted by adventures that involve some risk and pioneerism. To go down rivers in kayaks, to dive in the sea of Fernando de Noronha, among rare species of fish, to do crossings in boat.

Break records. Participate in tournaments, championships, and strictly everything that gives a chance of arriving in first, exercising his/her high competitive spirit.

He/she should avoid discouraged people, that see risk in everything and take vacation to "rest" only.

Arian should not travel to places that don't allow to maintain him/her the independence and autonomy. Anything of organized itineraries, clubs of vacations or rural vacations (where people can try to transform him/her from wild sheep to a gentile lamb).

The suggestions are: the Caribean sea coast, for underwater fishing; South of Brazil and their beaches: Bombinhas, Joaquina, Prainha da Lança; north coast of São Paulo: Camburí; Maresias. Northeast of Brazil: coast of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Alagoas; in the USA: Hawaii and California.

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