Spiritual Health and the balance of the chakras applied to the sign of Aries


The Arians have an arduous task that is to work with the torrent of martian energy that arrives to them continually. The energies of Mars are of dynamism and of the assertiveness.

The balances of the chacras for the people of the sign of Aries that are governed by Mars

The chakra related to the sign of Aries is the Manipura chakra, or solar plexus. It governs the area of the body where we can find the spleen, the liver, the vesicle, the pancreas and the stomach. Therefore, it is in those organs that the Arian will feel the effects of energies "badly undergone digestion!" Rage and anxiety are negative forms of energies came from possible tense astrological aspects with the planet Mars in the astrological chart. For instance, an Arian that has in his/her astrological chart a Mars-Moon square he/she will have a larger tendency to generate physical problems. especially in stomach - every time that they have to handle with a situation that leaves them furious or anxious.

In the women's case with that type of astrological aspect, menstrual colics will be more intense soon after stressful episodes. If in the astrological chart the person has Aries governing the seventh house, for instance, it is in the area of the relationships that she will manifest that unbalance of the chacra. It is in that area we can find also the adrenal glands, responsible for the adrenaline liberation.

The correct form of addressing that energy, to avoid diseases, it is to use this energy in activities in that the Arian is challenged to conquer positions, to affirm his/her personal power. Martial arts and competitive sports are effective means to liberate that torrent of energy in a positive way.

For those Arians that by chance have difficulty in liberating that energy - person with Mars in unfavorable aspect with Saturn, for instance – he/she can look for aid in trainings and lectures about assertiveness

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